Juan Rhodes
Juan Rhodes (HE/HIM/HIS) is a photographic artist based in Chicago, IL whose interests in the mediums of still photography and video are dynamic and varied. An artist since childhood, Juan holds an Associate of Applied Science in Photography from College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. 
Juan's goal is to capture the beauty found in people, nature, and man-made creations with as little modification as possible. He wants to make every person in front of his lens feel beautiful as they are, there is no such thing as imperfection in the human form. In his portrait work, he does not thin or increase features, and retouching is limited to removing blemishes. The natural beauty of the subject is to be the focus of the image, not the retouching. 
Juan's work starts before the shutter is closed. Light, composition, color and texture have all been considered prior to the image being captured in order to create an image with impact.
Juan's work has been published in dozens of international magazines and displayed in local galleries.
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